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L'Associazione il Segno è una scuola di pittura sita in Toscana che organizza corsi di pittura basici ed avanzati, stage di pittura in plair e in studio

Associazione Culturale il Segno, we teach the love for painting and art.


The purpose of the Associazione Culturale il Segno is the promotion of every expression of pictorial art through the cultural and artistic growth of the person.

The Associacion proposes

  1. Painting courses open to everybody in closed number classrooms, where every student is accompanied by the teacher through a personalized path that he/she allows him/her to increase the artistic techniques that he/she prefers following his/her own creative demands;
  2. Intensive painting courses in Tuscany of the duration of a week (accomodation included);
  3. Cultural trips to the discovery of the most important art museums of the European capitals;
  4. Guided visits to the museums.

Corsi di pittura in Toscana